GenFleet Announces Strategic Partnership with Insilico and Biortus

Jul 23, 2021

July 2021 (Shanghai, China) -- GenFleet Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on cutting-edge therapies in oncology and immunology, recently announced strategic partnership with Insilico Medicine and Biortus Biosciences respectively.

The agreement outlines a constructive framework where GenFleet will synergize its own R&D systems with Insilco's end-to-end AI-powered drug discovery platform and Biortus' structural biology platform, with a view to jointly addressing significant unmet medical needs and tackling novel & difficult targets in cancer therapeutics.  

Featuring a competitive pipeline with novel mechanisms, GenFleet has established its comprehensive R&D functions spanning from early discovery to global multi-regional clinical trials. In pursuing targets & indications without proof of concept global-wise, GenFleet has applied latest computational sciences to drug development including DNA-encoded Library screening, computer-aided drug design, digital clinical trial solutions, etc.

In collaboration with Insilico's AI-powered identification methods and Biortus' protein expression & analysis platform, GenFleet will enhance the exploration of the dynamic structure-activity relationship between target proteins and drug molecules through virtual structure research, so as to develop highly selective inhibitors and deliver targeted therapies overcoming drug resistance.

"We are delighted to establish strategic partnership with two pioneers in their fields. Through cooperation, GenFleet will reinforce its R&D systems with better understanding of target proteins' 3D structure and biological characteristics. Taking full advantage of the AI-powered platform, we are projected to substantially improve the success rate of designing original preclinical candidate compounds in shortened cycle time. GenFleet will continuously employ new tools and techniques to enrich its cutting-edge pipeline and develop life-saving medicines for patients around the globe.” said Jiong Lan, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GenFleet Therapeutics.  

“Embracing cooperation and innovation, Insilico is honored to form partnership with GenFleet who shares with us the commitment to innovative drug development. By analyzing and screening huge volumes of data, Insilico's AI-powered platform boasts unique generation model management and reinforcement learning techniques. We believe our collaboration will provide GenFleet with powerful assistance in its development of transformative therapies.” said Feng Ren, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer of Insilico Medicine. 

“Biortus is honored to become a strategic partner of GenFleet, which has been impressing the industry with its dedication to the development of cutting-edge therapies. So far, Biortus has provided structure-based protein research services in over 1000 projects for more than 200 enterprises worldwide. Biortus will play an active role in the partnership and fully open our massive library for targets & hits discovery to GenFleet in its original innovation in future.” said Jiaquan Wu, Ph.D., General Manager of Biortus Biosciences.

About GenFleet Therapeutics

Dedicated to serving significant unmet medical needs, GenFleet Therapeutics constructs its R&D platform on the basis of disease biology and translational medicine, and researches into latest biological mechanism of cancer pathways, tumor microenvironment and human immunoregulation. GenFleet's rich and diversified pipeline highlights multiple cutting-edge products with novel mechanisms and global intellectual property rights.

Through years of endeavor, GenFleet has set up industry-leading capabilities and expertise in developing novel drugs - both small molecules and biologics. Its cutting-edge pipeline includes over 10 products, three of which have progressed into clinical stages. As more projects move into late-stage clinical trials, GenFleet is expected to unravel its blueprint of commercialization during the next 3-5 years.

About Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine, an end-to-end artificial intelligence-driven drug disthat utilize deep generative models, reinforcement learning, transformer, and other modern machine learning techniques for novel target discovery and generation of novel molecular structures with desired properties. It is developing breakthrough solutions for the discovery and development of innovative drugs for cancer, fibrosis, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and aging-related diseases. Since 2014, Insilico Medicine established strategic collaborations with over 30 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic research groups in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and other countries and regions, and launched multiple internal R&D pipelines for novel, difficult and previously undruggable targets. It also established a collaboration with Syngenta to develop and apply AI to sustainable agriculture. Since its inception, the company raised over $300 million from the reputable financial, biotechnology, and information technology investors.

About Biortus Biosciences 

Wuxi Biortus Biosciences Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009. The company is located in Jiangyin Wuxi in close proximity to Shanghai. It is an innovation driven contract research organisation (CRO) committed to high quality R&D services in support of drug discovery. 

To help our clients achieve their drug discovery goals, Biortus has established three sophisticated research platforms. These are Protein Production, Structural Biology (Crystallography, Cryo-EM, and MicroED), and In Vitro Assays and Screening.  With our wide-range research capabilities, strong relevant expertise, innovative mindsets, and proactive attitude, it has delivered many projects to clients including international and domestic pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, and research institutions.