Qiang Lu, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Chairman of Board

Qiang Lu, Ph.D., dedicates his career of over 20 years to the research into life sciences and the development of novel drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. As co-founder and Chairman of Board of GenFleet Therapeutics, he leads a team with cutting-edge capabilities and expertise to develop novel therapies in oncology and immunology worldwide. Across his career, he takes pride in a broad array of drug-developing experiences in pain medications, ion channel pharmacology, and small molecules and biologics for cancer therapeutics.

Dr. Lu holds a doctorate from Brandeis University and has completed postdoctoral training at Tufts University. He joined Wyeth and Novartis in America and commanded numerous R&D programs to develop preclinical candidates. In China he served as vice president of WuXi AppTec, Chief Scientific Officer of Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group and Gloria Pharmaceuticals, and senior vice president of CStone Pharmaceuticals. Besides spearheading many compounds into late-stage clinical trials, he also played a major role in operating and promoting multinational R&D platforms with practical approaches as well as strategic prospective.